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About Psychology

Psychology is the study of the mind, the individual.
What goes on in people's heads? Why do they act the way they do?
Psychologists explore a person's perception, emotions, motivation, brain functioning, personality, behavior and also their relationships. They look for the things that make people 'tick', so to speak. Psychologists, not only do they research into such concepts as previously stated, they also play a very therapeutic role. Often, knowledge of psychology is used to help treat mental health problems, such as depression. The role of being a therapist is seen in hospitals, schools, institutions as well as private offices.
As a pyscologist, you will see how a person's actions, thoughts, and feelings, can change over a lifetime.

So how does one become a psychologist?

There are many types of psychologists, so you must first decide which type you wish to pursue.
Here is a list of some of those many types;
  • child psychologist
  • clinical psychologist
  • community psychologist
  • experimental psychologist
  • environmental psychologist
  • family psychologist
  • forensic psychologist
  • school psychologist
The choice of which type you wish to pursue all depends on what you enjoy, whether it be working with children or simply just doing research.
Then, major in psychology during college, earning you bachelor's degree at the very least. Get as much experience as you can with profesors and other graduates. Then it's off to grad school you go! You need a Ph.D in order to become a psycologist, so you will be in school for about 8+ years.
For more information on how to become a psychologist, click here.

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