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About Life in the White Coat

"Health professionals must look at illness and wellness from many points of view. They will be more likely to succeed at their work, if they understand the feelings, thoughts, and needs of the people they work with."-CollegeBoard
Being a doctor or a nurse is much more than knowing the systems within the human body or the symptoms of almost every disease known to man. It's
about want to care for each patient that walks through the door, wanting to give them the healthiest and happiest life a doctor can offer. Doctors know that no two patients are alike. The challenge is getting to know each patient well enough to know what approach will work best, using scientific knowledge to cure the body. But they must also use personal judgment and intuition to help their patients become healthy and stay that way.

So what does it take to become a part of the medical field?

First off, it takes A LOT of schooling, usually taking about 11 years or so;
-4 years of college
-4 years of medical school
-3 years of working in a hospital

Students planning to enter a medical profession normally take a large amount of classes in science and math. Now, getting into med school isn't an easy feat, so make sure you do well in college and your entrance exams.

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