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About the World Behind the Camera Lens

There is always someone on the other side of our television screens, the people we dont see putting together our favorite shows, movies, and news broadcasts.
Those people create and shape the media world.
They direct actors to find the emotion they wish to be portrayed. They play with lighting to set the mood of a scene, whether it be bright and jubilant or dark and suspenseful. People behind the lens use audio to set the tone, cryptic notes or sound effects to mimic a certain environment.
It is these people that bring a new world to our screens everyday...whether that world be an exotic new planet, an abandoned house, or a bustling city.

How does one start on the path to working with film?

Well, one would typically go to film school, or a college known for working with the media.

In classes, one will get a feel for everything at first;
-writing screenplays
-directing actors

One will need to be good at taking, and also providing, constructive criticism on final products.
Also you better "get ready to work from dawn till dusk, or even dusk till dawn, rewriting the closing dialogue at your desk, shooting on the set, or splicing shot to shot in the editing room." -CollegeBoard