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Some people just have a knack for cars-- they arn't afraid to take a look under the hood and get their hands dirty. The knowledge of cars comes naturally to them for they feel comfortable in what they are doing. Many people love working with their hands so much, that they open up their own shops and start a mechanics business.

But some people may want to take their love of automobiles to the next level. One may wish to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer and, with one of the many possibilities that come with the major, be able to invent new automobiles that are safer for the enviornment and more fuel efficent.

So how does one make a career out of working with cars?

Some mechanics have started out by working in a shop as a parts-runner or a service writer and taking evening courses in autorepair. This is a good option if you are not ready to make a committment to full time trade school. If you want schooling, find out about the countless technical schools and community college programs in automotive repair. Look for colleges who have programs that are specifically designed to prepare you for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification. (It is important to understand that most employers require a minimum number of ASE certifications for mechanic positions, and more for the step up to technician.)

That was the starting point.

In order to move farther, as in owning your own shop, it would be good to go major in business or entrepreneurship after you've gained a lot of experience in working with automobiles. See the Businesspage for more details in this major.