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About Journalism

In this field, it's all about seeking the truth and telling it like it is. In sports, education, crime, music, politics, and science you'll find reporters who uncover the truth. They use a variety of media such as print, radio, TV, film, and the Internet. But wherever you decide to turn your attention and whatever medium you choose, you will have the same mission as the journalists who came before you: to seek the truth.

"As a journalism major, you'll learn and practice the reporting, writing, and editing skills you'll need to cover the world. Reporting skills include researching background information and asking good questions in an interview. When it comes time to write your articles, you'll need to open with a lead that grabs the reader's attention and continue with sentences that are easy to understand. As an editor, you'll practice writing article headlines and photo captions." -CollegeBoard

So who does one become a journalist?

If you are hoping to work for a large publication or production company, your best bet is a solid education.
A degree in journalism, English, or communications is good for those wishing to pursue a career in journalism. In addition to helping you gain the necessary knowledge, many universities offer job placement services to new graduates and alumni.

Since your salary will increase with each level of education that you complete, it is wise to look for employment with a mid-sized publisher after completing your bachelor's degree. At that education level, some employers will be able to meet your salary expectations, opening up a nice variety of options for your first job in journalism. As you continue to pursue an advanced degree, you will be making many valuable contacts through your work for future job opportunities.

There are many types of journalists out there, so you'll need to specialize in a certain field.
Types of journalists include:
  • Newspaper Reporters
  • Invesigative Journalists
  • Foreign Correspondents
  • Broadcast Journsalists
  • Photo Journalists
  • Sports Journalists
  • Online Journalists