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Courses Avaliable
Child Development
Advanced Child Development
Education Intern

Club: Young Educators Society (YES)

About A Teacher's World

"At the heart of teaching and learning is the vital connection between two people."-CollegeBoard
We all already know a lot about education. After all, we have gone to school for the majority of our early years, moving from crayons and nap time to essays and SATs. And, whether you've shown your kid sister how to tie her shoe or your grandfather how to program the DVD player, you also have experience as a teacher.

If you study education, you'll take a closer look at the learning process.
What makes it work? When does it fail?
You'll search for answers in the mind, in the classroom, and in society.

We live in a world where knowledge is power. If one studies education, one can pass that power on to others.

So how does one become a teacher?

Nowadays, it is best to go for your master's degree but a bachelor's is also acceptable. The way to graduate with teacher's certification is different for every school-- in some, a student would major in education and minor in the subject they wish to teach. In others, a student can have a double major, one in education and another in their chosen subject. Another way is to major in education and have a disipline in a certain area of study, such as english or science. Either way, it is important to have your teacher's certification.