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About the Business World

"The Frisbee, the Post-it Note, the computer mouse -- businesses thrive on ideas for new products. But business innovation is about much more. It's also about new services; new ways of manufacturing, packaging, and advertising products; new ways of organizing and managing employees; and much more.

Studying business in school will prepare you for turning new ideas like these into profits. Even though making a profit is the main concern of business, it is not the only concern. In addition to learning how to keep costs low, sell products, and handle money, you'll also learn about doing what's right by customers, investors, employees, and society. If you're interested in working in the nonprofit world, you'll find that the skills you pick up will help you bring new ideas to life for the public good. You could run an organization that creates arts programs for public schools or fights to save historic buildings."-CollegeBoard

So what must one do in start a career in the field of business?

After completing the core business courses offered at your college(which would most likely be a specialized school in business), you would choose a major in things like management, marketing, or accounting. At some colleges and universities, you can specialize in a type of business, like human resources or finance, for example. As with most degrees, you can earn your bachelor's, master's, or doctorate degree.

Bachelor's: 4 years
Master's: 5-6 years
Doctorate: 4-8 years
(years of schooling may vary)

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